Tea-Time Toffee, makers of home-made English Toffee, expands local business

From: Tea-Time Toffee
Published: Tue Nov 01 2005

Tea-Time Toffee announces today the availability of its newly designed website located at www.teatimetoffee.com. Susan Stancoff, a corporate manager and Nita Stancoff, a consultant have been making and giving their English Toffee to clients for years. Their clients raved about the candy and said "you should sell this".

So the mother-daughter team, who share a passion for making delicious home-made candy, opened Tea-Time Toffee in Oregon in 2005. They make this unique, wonderfully delicate candy to order. They make it the old fashioned way, in small batches, which is then iced by hand with the highest quality semi-sweet chocolate and covered in premium California almonds.

The bite sized toffee is beautifully packaged in various sized boxes and tins for personal enjoyment or as gift giving. Tea-Time Toffee has been selling their English Toffee in small specialty shops in the Portland, Oregon area with great success. Local buyers requested an internet site so they could purchase online, therefore Tea-Time Toffee has made their candy available to everyone at www.teatimetoffee.com.

Susan and Nita and their grandmothers before them have been making this unique English Toffee for years during the holidays and giving it to friends and family. Now they are making it their full-time business. Their customers include clients from their previous careers who had received the candy as gifts and now are sending this quality product to their clients in appreciation for business.

Tea-Time Toffee expands their business to the internet. Located in Oregon and opened in 2005, Tea-Time Toffee makes a unique English Toffee from a recipe handed down for generations. This wonderful English Toffee covered in semi-sweet chocolate and plenty of premium almonds is now available year-round at www.teatimetoffee.com.
Company: Tea-Time Toffee
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