Business Monitor International highlights the risks of Turkey's tough stance towards Israel

From: Business Monitor International
Published: Fri Oct 28 2011

Business Monitor International (BMI) has released the latest special report, "Turkey: A Decisive Break from the West?" analysing Turkey's profound transformation as it adopts an increasingly assertive role in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean.

With Turkey's position as one the world’s most strategically important countries and a major emerging economy, its evolving political dynamics are of global importance. A shift in Turkey's foreign policy and a move towards authoritarian rule is strainings its relationship with Israel and could, potentially, damage those with its NATO allies at a time when the attraction of EU membership - a cornerstone of government policy for close to a decade - is clearly waning. According to BMI, Turkey's tough stance towards Israel is clearly aimed at winning support from Arab countries as the country's leadership looks to establish its position as a key player in the Middle East. Although Turkey is unlikely to leave NATO, it will increasingly be viewed as an unreliable ally in European capitals.

On a global basis BMI recognises Turkey as best-positioned among the non-BRIC emerging market economies to become a major power over the coming years, thanks to its large economy, population, and military, growing ties with the Middle East and Russia, and its critical strategic location between continents. The report analyses potential strategic partnerships of the future if Turkey was to move away from its traditional Western allies and compete more directly with Iran and Egypt.

Moreover, "Turkey: A Decisive Break From The West?" assesses the impact of a new foreign policy on already strained relationship with the European Union and the probability of Turkey's potential EU accession in context of Ankara's attempts to nurture greater political and economic influence in the Middle East and irreconcilable relationship with Cyprus.

BMI's portfolio of products provides comprehensive analysis across Turkey's industries and enables global investors, emerging market strategists and decision-makers across the corporate spectrum to assess and evaluate global political and economic risks and aid strategic planning activities over the short, medium and long term.

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