Author’s World Vegan Day Challenge for Editors of National Newspapers

From: Foods For Life
Published: Tue Nov 01 2005

Author of a nutritionally balanced Hamlyn cookbook, Vegan, (ISBN 0600611906) Tony Bishop-Weston says "The face of veganism has changed so much in the last few years and the media have struggled to keep up with the changes"

He says there is no such thing as a typical vegan and people from all walks of life, races, professional and ethnic backgrounds are discovering the solutions that veganism has to offer for health, people, animals and the environment.

Bishop-Weston says he knows of vegan MPs, lawyers, fire fighters, rugby players, body builders, accountants, tri athletes, chefs, nutritionists, Doctors, nurses and teachers that are vegans, even a presidential candidate!

" I thought if the papers found out just how difficult it is to find their fictitious alleged ‘typical vegan’ they may feel compelled to look at veganism a little more deeply and finally realise it’s true potential to solve some of the world’s key problems."

Bishop-Weston is giving them until the end of National Vegan Week ( Nov 5th ) to come up with evidence of who they think embodies a Typical Vegan.

The most dramatic change over the last few years has been the number of people purchasing vegan products wherever they represent a convenient, tasty, healthy and good value for money alternative to non vegan products.

Research from Mintel suggests that up to 45% of the UK public could be buying vegan products on a regular basis and a study by foodservice giant Aramark shows that a quarter of US college students want vegan choices on the menu.

New vegan products are coming out all the time and excuses for avoiding the decision to go vegan are rapidly dwindling.

Meanwhile The Vegan Society is building a gallery of the world’s vegans at to prove how diverse, healthy, fit and intelligent the people are, who have chosen veganism as a solution to the world’s troubles.

Bishop-Weston is predicting the number of Vegans will double by World Vegan Day 2006 "we have finally reached critical mass" he says "veganism is the new black"

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