Those who wish to drag you down or control you, do not want you to read this book!

From: the psychic detective
Published: Wed Nov 02 2005

The new book, "Judo for the Soul - The Art of Psychic Self Defense", by internationally acclaimed author,metaphysician and syndicated columnist,
Jeffry R. Palmer Ph.D., offers practical advice in dealing with negativity in everyday life.

Newly released book, "Judo for The Soul - The Art of Psychic Self Defense" offers simple and effective solutions to the wide spread problem of dealing with negative thoughts and the negative energy of those around us.

From the author,
"If you have ever felt that you lacked the power to cope with the negative influence of others, or if you have ever felt that the negativity of other people is holding you back, then "Judo For The Soul" is the perfect place to look for help. You will learn how to empower yourself and find the ability to control negative influences in your life forever."

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