Goggling at Google plates

From: Duck2water Car Insurance
Published: Wed Nov 02 2005

Further to our earlier press release about a number plate claiming to be the only Google plate out there, a contender has come to light! Number plate G8GLE is up for bidding on www.ebay.co.uk with a starting bid of £24,000, claiming to be "possibly the best combination Google plate available" and with auctions closing at 4:30 on Friday 4th November, there is still time for Google fans to get their bids in.

So how much will people pay for number plates? The record stands at a cool £235,000 paid in 1993 for K1NGS, with GS1 coming in second at £220,000. The old-type number plates prove to be a lot more popular than the new style, with £45,000 (for AR53NAL) being the most anyone has yet paid for the latter.

Why do people purchase personalised plates?
Lots of people buy personalised plates that relate to their work or hobbies, with plates such as G8GLE and AR53NAL falling into this category. The people who would be interested in Google plates probably have some connection to the web and computing industry, or maybe even work for Google. Famous examples of work-related plates are MAG1C, owned by Paul Daniels, and Chris Eubank’s plate KO1 (knock out 1).

Many people also see plates as a good investment, with some even buying plates as an asset for their young children! In one such case, L16 ETY was bought for 21 month-old Liberty by her grandparents as a nest egg for the future. Personalised plates tend to increase in value with time and nearly all plates that are bought can be sold on at a profit.

Some people just love the prestige that comes with owning a fancy plate. Number plates such as VIP 1 and 1A sell for over £200,000 purely because of the prestigious value that comes with owning such an early and eye-catching plate.

Rebecca Pearson of Duck2water Car Insurance says on owning personalised plates:

"30% of our customers said that they would like to own a personalised plate. They are a great way to stand out from the crowd, and the best thing is that they don’t affect your car insurance premium in the way other car customisations do."


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