Wantacar.co.uk sets out to revolutionise the future of UK car buying

From: Wantacar
Published: Wed Nov 21 2007

Wantacar.co.uk, the pioneering internet search engine and price comparison site, went live in November – and is set on revolutionising the way people buy and sell cars in Britain.

With a groundbreaking new system of advertising and buying, Wantacar aims to inspire a whole range of UK advertisers and buyers to come together on one website like never before.

Wantacar’s system is known as Pay-Per-Visitor (PPV), and means sellers can list their advertisement on the site for free – paying only 1p for every unique visitor who clicks on their offer.

And it’s a new shopping experience for car buyers too. Visitors can compare vehicles and offers side-by-side, and ask any seller a question – with the answers displayed on their advertisement for future viewers to see.

"Our vision on Wantacar is to unite UK buyers and sellers like never before, through a highly efficient system that’s beneficial to everyone," explained founder of Wantacar, Gerard Thatcher. "Pay-Per-Visitor attracts advertisers with fantastic value for money, and attracts customers with the huge choice of competitive offers that it yields."

He stated, "It’s efficient and safe too, because advertisers only pay for the first click that any one visitor makes – so it only costs 1p even if someone views the same offer numerous times."

Mr Thatcher continued: "If you consider an advertiser placing a good-value offer on the site, and 1,000 individual people clicking on and reading their offer, advertising costs would be just £10. That’s simply massive exposure for the money, and the potential is really there to generate a great deal of business at a very, very low cost. And because we’re proving so popular with advertisers already, we’re building up a huge choice of vehicles and options for customers, enabling them to find exactly what they are looking for."

Wantacar primarily specialises in car lease and contract hire offers, with an intuitive search system that yields specific results in seconds, and each individual offer linking directly to the advertiser’s own website.

The search facility allows visitors to find an exact vehicle or model, or just narrow their options down if they are searching more broadly. The results can be arranged instantly by price, model and vehicle specification, or by numerous aspects of the deals themselves.

It does not stop there, however. Wantacar will soon be taking on the likes of Ebay with a brand-new online auction system, and challenging Auto Trader with a facility for private advertisers selling individual used vehicles. Meanwhile all sellers will continue to benefit from the new Pay-Per-Visitor system.

"When you look at advertising costs elsewhere, the value of our PPV system speaks for itself," said Mr Thatcher. "Private advertisers could sell their vehicles for literally pennies. I really think the potential for exposure they’ll be getting at this price is just unrivalled."

In a car-buying market that has until now seen sellers pay advertising costs up-front, and buyers searching numerous sites, Wantacar.co.uk is setting a standard for a new way of doing business. With a trail-blazing system that promises to bring buyers and sellers together, Wantacar could be re-designing the way people buy and sell cars in Britain today.


Notes for editors

Wantacar is a brand new, innovative, fast searching lease car comparison site for new car leasing and contract car hire. Wantacar has been developed with ultimate ease of use for all Lease car browsers. The Wantacar search filter is designed to find the perfect car and offer or browse thousands of new lease car offers and Contract Hire offers in milliseconds. Whether buyers are searching vaguely by budget or by specific make and model, the Wantacar website will display that offer in milliseconds, precisely as specified.

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