Reports on the Need to Protect our Energy and Water Resources; Alternative

Published: Wed Nov 02 2005 Reports on the Need to Protect our Energy and Water Resources; Alternative Energy Technology and Water Purification Systems Provide Solutions

Turning Need into Opportunity -The Drive for Clean Water, Energy and Supply Security

POINT ROBERTS, Wash., November 1st, 2005 – (RES), and (WS), investor and industry news portals covering the renewable energy and water sectors, report on the drive towards the protection of our energy and water resources. Perspectives into the needs of the water and renewable energy arenas are revealed by Neil Berlant, First Vice President and Managing Director Water Group, The Seidler Companies and Dr. Robert Wilder, CEO and President of the Wilderhill Clean Energy Index. Working to turn challenges into opportunities are water industry participants Pentair Inc. (NYSE: PNR) and Hendrx Corp (OTCBB: HDRX) and alternative energy players XsunX, Inc. (OTCBB: XSNX), and Distributed Energy Systems Corp. (NASDAQ: DESC).

Report Excerpt: Protecting our Resources – The Drive for Clean Water, Energy and Supply Security

By Ann-Marie Fleming,,
November 2005

The pursuit of traditional sources of power to meet the growing demand for energy has placed considerable worldwide pressure on our resources. Not only have energy prices continued to grow, but our centralized grid system and the environmental consequences of fossil fuel production have established a ripple effect that includes energy dependence on foreign sources of oil, infrastructure and energy vulnerability, as well as a compromise of critical resources such as water.

Environmental Protection Secretary Kathleen A. McGinty states, "Now is the time to invest in projects that stabilize energy prices, promote job development, improve the environment and enhance homeland security. As traditional energy costs rise, alternative energy projects not only become more competitive, they also make more sense."

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XsunX, Inc (OTCBB: XSNX) is the developer of Power Glass™ - an innovative solar technology that allows glass windows to produce electricity from the power of the sun. This proprietary process is intended to allow manufacturers to apply a transparent and photovoltaic glazing to glass and other transparent substrates. When XsunX glazing is exposed to light, the light energy is converted into electrical energy for use as a power source. XsunX believes that its solar electric glazing technology has a number of major market opportunities in the worldwide architectural glass, optical film and plastics markets.

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Hendrx Corp (OTCBB: HDRX) is engaged in the business of acquiring positive cash flow businesses that own innovative technology products and services in the water purification industry. Hendrx is recognized as a leader in the development & manufacturing and distribution of Atmospheric Water Generators. Hendrx plans to be synonymous with water purification systems by offering products that will provide solutions for the residential market all the way to solutions for the industrial, commercial, and humanitarian markets.

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