A Columbine Survivor tells her story

From: Regenold Publishing
Published: Wed Nov 02 2005

On April 20, 1999,Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado was the scene of the deadliest school shooting in America's history. Although the siege lasted less than 45 minutes, many students and teachers were trapped in the building for several hours. Few have told their story.

Regenold Publishing of Littleton, Colorado is proud to announce the release of:
"A Columbine Survivor's Story" by Marjorie Lindholm and Peggy Lindholm, L.P.C., CACII

Marjorie was a typical teenage girl with big plans. One day changed her life forever. Marjorie spent 4 hours trapped in a science room during the attack on her school. Every day since has been a struggle.

"A Columbine Survivor's Story" chronicles her life before, during, and after that day. It is a truly moving, heartfelt work, a must read.

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