Endeavor Security launches first Automatic Signature Generation System for Intrusion Prevention Devi

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Published: Thu Nov 03 2005

McLean, VA -– Endeavor Security, Inc. today announced the release of FirstLight, its real-time Signature Generation system. FirstLight is the first commercial system that is capable of computer-generating prevention rules or signatures which keep hackers out of a network.

Firstlight provides proactive security. A community of sensors installed around the United States, collects attack data from customer networks. Using advanced algorithms, FirstLight is able to quickly determine if there is a new attack or a variation on an attack. FirstLight fingerprints the new malicious traffic and shares the resulting signature with the community of sensors. The signature can also be used by an existing Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) such as Snort, to enhance the database of rules.

The FirstLight system includes a web portal access for customers, which provides Early Warning attack information from the live sensors. The sensors provide the customer with an accurate local threat of their network based on real Internet traffic that is attacking their site.

"The FirstLight product is enabling me to see which machines are probably infected sooner than other tools can show me, and then I go investigate. I have to say, FirstLight is the first appliance that any vendor has brought to our campus and installed, that worked the very first time it was powered on. We didn't have to touch it!", said Ellen Mitchell, Chief Security Analyst of Texas A&M University.

"We designed FirstLight to improve the quality of information that customers see, while at the same time, reducing the data that they must review. Customers today have no way of knowing when there is a new attack coming against their network. If they do know, they can’t stop it. Now, there is a product that can do both. FirstLight focuses on unknown traffic and creating accurate signatures that can be used by existing security devices. You don’t have to replace your firewalls or IPS systems, just improve their knowledgebase", said Chris Jordan, CEO of Endeavor Security.

FirstLight was designed for large, mission critical networks including Telcos, Financial networks and government agencies. With the volume and frequency of attacks increasing daily, there is no time to wait for security vendors to hand write rules to prevent attacks. FirstLight removes the delay associated with the human approach as well as lowers the error rate.

The FirstLight product is delivered as a Managed Service, available from Endeavor Security or your preferred Managed Security Provider. The List Price is $18,000 per year.

About FirstLight Early Warning and Auto Signature System

The FirstLight software was designed to take advantage of open standards and runs on the Linux OS. The primary benefits of our FirstLight product are:

* Help you to identify false negatives in your IPS rules sets;

* Strengthen your IPS signatures, based on actual traffic that is seen from your network and our community grid of sensors;

* To validate the attacks seen outside with what is getting into your network/through your defenses;

* To better understand your Local Threat for budgeting purposes;

* Enhance your security infrastructure by updating your firewall and IPS rule-sets.

About Endeavor Security

Endeavor Security, based in McLean VA, is a software development company focused on securing our nations critical infrastructure. The FirstLight suite of products are focused on new threats and the ability to stop them using advanced, high speed algorithms. The FirstLight sensor grid includes government and commercial entities. For more information about Endeavor Security, visit our web page at: www.endeavorsecurity.com

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Endeavor Security, Inc.

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