Harlem Hip-Hop MC Tommy Danger to Drop ‘Mystery Flavor’

From: Tommy Danger Music Group, Inc.
Published: Fri Nov 04 2005

Harlem hip-hop MC Tommy Danger – ‘The Now and Laterman’ will add to his rap flavors as he drops Volume 7 the ‘Mystery Flavor’ this December.

Seven is considered to be a spiritual number because it is illusive and contains veils which must first be uncovered, one after another, before illumination will ultimately be found. Seven is said to be sacred, and this is evidenced by the fact that there are seven days in the week, ancient texts propose that the earth was formed in seven phases; the ancient solar system consisted of seven luminaries.

"Nothing can stop our grind. We are in a win win situation in the game. We took every defeat and created it into an opportunity. When the DJ's didn't play our freestyles we created our own mix tapes. When no one put us in magazines we created news letters. When we couldn't get any publicity we created what quickly became one of the best videos shows on Public Access and TV Period. No one can duplicate what we have done. We started our buzz giving away Now & Laters. The truth is I have loved that candy since I was five. I grew up on that candy. That candy reminds me of good times in life. Having a choice and not being monotonous. Each flavor is a different side to me, a different Hustle, and it is reflected clearly in my music. You will not get the same thing on each of the Now & Laterman Volumes 1-7. We keep it fresh and popping each and every time" the harlem rap artist says.

The Harlem based rap artist, Tommy Danger says about the upcoming album, "On this volume we have a lot of new talent. The production is crazy. 17 straight hits with production from Rockwilder, 45 king, Mizchif, DJ Left, Heat of the City UK and DJ Nice. Everyone calls us Hard Body in the streets because of our Hustle skills, so that's what we named the opening track, basically biting heads off. There is nothing smooth about it. We gave the people what they have been asking for. We have created our niche in flipping different styles, and that’s our formula in making hits. This time around we have crafted this one with an album sound and not the typical mix tape industry beats that we have used in the past."

The buzz created among hip-hop and rap fans from Tommy Danger's first video ‘Gang Bang’, directed by Zaire, proved that Tommy Danger has something that the real hip-hop community is hungry for.

The first track of the current release is titled "Now & Later wit me" The video is being directed by the visualizer Zaire. It is energetic, sexy, and bounced with that East Coast flow that the Harlem rap artist Tommy Danger has grown to dominate.

Danger Vision continues to air the hottest hip-hop and rap videos and showcase the rawest hip-hop talent; period.

With Danger Vision season 2 the DVD hitting the streets, it is clear why this hip-hop MC, Tommy Danger, does everything Hard Body style.

The Harlem rap artists discography of flavors include:
Tommy Danger - The Now & Laterman
Volume 1 Tropical Punch
Volume 2 Apple
Volume 3 Grape
Volume 4 Orange
Volume 5 Banana
Volume 6 Cherry

The Greatest of the Great
Volume 7 Mystery Flavor drops December 2005

DVD - Danger Vision Viewers Choice Season 1
Danger Vision Viewers Choice Season 2

For more info visit the web site of this unique and very talented hip-hop rap MC at www.tommydanger.net

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