Seminar – Is Your Network Secure?

From: Bob Little Press & PR
Published: Fri Nov 04 2005

SSRI, the newly appointed distributor of the widely recognised EC-Council programs, announces a new seminar to highlight the risks and exposures that all organisations face with regard to unauthorised intrusions on their networks.

"Whether an organisation’s Network Security is insourced or outsourced, that network is at risk!" said the SSRI’s Head of Business Development, Rajive Kapoor. "And, with the support of our worldwide partner, the EC-Council, we’re delivering a half-day seminar that will not only highlight those risks, but identify the counter-measures that organisations should take."
This half-day seminar, to be held on 22nd November at the Earls Court Conference Centre, will explore the risks to which organisations’ networks are exposed and will show how, by further enhancing the specialist skills of a few staff, they can protect themselves against these risks.
The Licensed Penetration Tester program, which incorporates Ethical Hacking and Forensics Skills, will fortify the specialist skills of an organisation’s key staff who have responsibility for the integrity of the network infrastructure. By conducting controlled penetration tests on your network, they will be able to identify potential points of intrusion and secure them - before the hacker finds them!

"It's no exaggeration to say that hackers are the bane of today's computer users," explained Kapoor. "It doesn't matter if you're a homemaker or lawmaker, in school or at work, the technological advancements that we benefit from have also brought about sophisticated computer programmes that can maliciously hack into even the Pentagon."

Two recent events, the first hitting Mastercard/ Visa users and the second Microsoft UK, (see for more details) demonstrate the immediacy of this threat.

The SSRI seminar will give delegates a good insight into the tools and methods used by crackers (unethical hackers). It will show how, when and why your organisation can become a victim - and the counter-measures available to you.

Places on the seminar cost £99 and can be booked through 0845 430 0208 or online at


Notes for Editors:

About SSRI
SSRI has been formed as the master distributor in the UK and Europe for the products developed by the EC-Council – the international organisation driving standards and skills for e-Commerce Consultants.

The launch platform in the UK is the Licensed Penetration Tester program that allows organisations to test their networks using the approaches and techniques that hackers would use. This program develops skills for Ethical Hacking, Forensics and Penetration Testing that will identify weaknesses and plug them – before malicious hackers get to them.

SSRI, and its comprehensive group of partners in the UK including Training Camp, IT Security Training, Net security, PTR, BT Britannia and ASG training, are ideally positioned to provide critical skills that will address the security threat head-on.

About EC-Council
The EC-Council has developed a certification program that combines relevant education with an examination assuring professional competency. The Internet's rapid evolution into electronic commerce and full-featured information delivery system has meant that IT professionals need a new range of skills.
The EC-Council has defined those skills in terms of internet security and this, in turn, means that organisations can use their firewalls, encryption and other security technologies to the maximum effect. These programs extend to website marketing, and other electronic commerce issues such as internet law, intellectual property rights, domain names, and copyright law.
EC-Council conferences allow professionals to work together to learn the latest news and counter-measures on security and network with other members from around the world.

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