New York Author Moe Deezy Releases ‘Street Talk’

Published: Fri Nov 04 2005

NY author Randy "Moe Deezy" Kearse demonstrates that he has his finger on the pulse of Hip-Hop and Urban culture in many ways. With ‘STREET TALK’ he brings life and legitimacy to a language many people find hard to understand unless you live the hip-hop culture lifestyle.

If you have had a hard time following or keeping up with the fast pace of hip-hop and urban "street" lingo then ‘STREET TALK: Da Official Guide to Hip-Hop & Urban Slanguage’ is the book for you.

Finially New York author Randy ‘Moe Deezy’ Kearse has brought a comprehensive guide to understanding hip-hop culture slang and urban street talk.

‘STREET TALK: Da Official Guide to Hip-Hop & Urban Slanguage’ simplifies this often complex and gritty language, in an easy-to-read easy-to-follow way.

The book is a comprehensive reference guide that interprets the Hip-Hop & Urban vernacular often picked up by those in the hip-hop culture, by the use of words in rap tracks or off the streets.

Others have tried, but they all have fallen short in their attempt to create an authentic Hip-Hop and Urban dictionary/guide. STREET TALK’s 700 pages, 10,000 entries cover every facet of hip-hop and urban "street" culture.

Young people, adults, professionals from all fields can benefit from the extensive amount of information amassed in ‘STREET TALK’. Educators, parents, and anyone who interacts with young people will now be able to ‘decode’ the covert words, phrases and meanings used by today’s young people and in hip-hop and rap songs.

‘STREET TALK: Da Official Guide to Hip-Hop & Urban Slanguage’, is available at Author House at

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