2T's Hand held Computer Serves As Data Collection Device for Forensic Mapping System

From: Two Technologies, Inc.
Published: Fri Nov 04 2005

"The JETT.ce offers the same capabilities as other premium hand held computers but at far better price points," notes Susan Bracchi, MapScenes Manager, MicroSurvey Software, Inc. "Pricing is very important for law enforcement agencies, which is the niche market for the MicroSurvey Tracker."

Working in conjunction with the MicroSurvey Evidence Recorder Software, the MicroSurvey Tracker gives law enforcement professionals a complete and powerful new hand held tool that verifies the accuracy of evidence collected at crash or crime scenes. Interfacing with a total station, the MicroSurvey Tracker maps out evidence points to define the streets, intersections, or rooms of an accident or crime scene. The scene is drawn in "real time" on the screen, so investigators can verify the quality of collected data.

"The MicroSurvey Tracker with Evidence Recorder software is one of the first truly professional tools specifically made for law enforcement agencies to visually verify data collected at crime and accident scenes," states Bracchi. "The hand held device delivers high power, durability and speed at an affordable price."

A backlit keypad gives law enforcement agents the ability to see the screen and keys while mapping evidence collected at night. The Microsurvey Tracker also has a brilliant 320 x 240 sunlight readable touch screen for daytime use in high-glare areas.

"The buttons are easy to read and light up nicely in the dark," notes Bracchi. "We are currently customizing the bezel and mount buttons with Two Technologies to run a variety of Evidence Recorder programs through the hand held computer. This customization will make the MicroSurvey Tracker the first law enforcement evidence collection device specifically designed for forensic mapping work."

While some devices will lose data if you forget to charge the device for a few days, the MicroSurvey Tracker offers excellent battery life. The American-made data collector operates from a NiMH rechargeable battery. It can also take six AA batteries with no adapter, providing seamless power when needed. Noted for good cable connection, units support a wide variety of removable peripheral devices, such as wireless LANs, modems, bar code readers, and cameras

Featuring the powerful Windows CE .NET Professional 4.2 operating system running on an Intel XScale processor, the MicroSurvey Tracker provides 64 MB of SDRAM, 400 MHz and 128 MB of secure internal memory as a standard. Compact flash cards are permanently fixed inside to prevent dislodgement during use.

"We are very pleased with the addition of the JETT.ce hand held computer to our product offering as it has been well received in the market," says Bracchi. "In fact, we plan to use the device with further upgrades in the future."
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