xMax ™ Demonstration Sets Higher Bar for Broadband

Published: Sat Nov 05 2005

xMax ™ Demonstration Sets Higher Bar for Broadband
Broadband Levels at 18 Miles Using .05 Watt of Power

November 3, 2005; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA—Today, xG Technology made good on its motto, "Beyond Broadband" by conducting a demonstration before a group of industry executives, journalists, and analysts from the United States and Europe. In the most compelling part of the day-long program, the xG Technology staff used its xMax™ platform to broadcast a data stream equal to full-motion MPEG-2 video with stereo sound at a distance of 18 miles using only 50 milliwatts of power.

Covering more than 1,018 square miles, the low power digital broadcast was sent using the ISM 900 MHz unlicensed spectrum—a notoriously crowded and interference prone band. "This turns a lot of long held beliefs about RF communications and spectrum utilization upside down", commented Joe Bobier, President of Operations and the inventor of xMax. "Similar systems require as much as 50,000 Watts for transmitters to achieve similar coverage at a much lower video quality and screen size."

The xMax technology is a novel way of encoding radio frequency (RF) signals and can be used in either wireless or wired applications, including cable and copper. "We elected to use a broadband wireless application for our first public demonstration," said Roger Branton, COO. "RF engineers will understand immediately that because the xMax technology operates at the physical layer, it can be applied in a wide variety of communication applications," said Rick Mooers, CEO.

Highlighting the technology’s superior range and low power requirements, today’s demonstration was conducted using an omni-directional antenna on a single tower in the Ft. Lauderdale-Miami area. By improving range, xMax reduces the amount of infrastructure required to provide coverage to a given area. And less power translates into improved battery life for mobile devices—a major challenge for high data rate wireless devices.

EDITOR’S NOTE: On Thursday, November 10, xG Technology will conduct another demonstration in Ft. Lauderdale. Reporters wishing to observe the demonstration should contact Tim Ayers at tim@ayersassociates.net or 202-857-9734.

Pioneering innovation in telecommunications research, xG Technology has developed xMax – a groundbreaking radio frequency (RF) modulation and encoding technology that enables faster, farther, and cheaper communications. xMax takes high-speed communications "beyond broadband" and is suitable for both wireline and wireless networks. Privately held, xG Technology is based in Sarasota, Florida (USA). For additional information visit: www.xgtechnology.com.

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