Drivers waste £375 a year on fuel states

Published: Mon Dec 03 2007

Drivers in the UK are wasting an average of £375 a year on fuel and emitting an extra 1 tonne of CO2 into the atmosphere through inefficient driving, according to a statement issued by car insurer

With petrol now having passed the £1 a litre barrier, yesinsurance says that the average motorist driving an annual total of 10,000 miles will be paying around £1,500 on fuel next year, whilst emitting between 2.5 and 4 tonnes of CO2.

"Drivers can reduce their contribution to global warming and cut their fuel bill through simple alterations to their driving style," said Paul Purdy of

"Avoiding fast acceleration, controlling speed and completing simple maintenance tasks such as checking tyre pressures and cleaning filters, can help to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 1 tonne a year and save up to 25% on fuel," said Mr Purdy.

Latest figures from Defra show that 120 million tonnes of CO2 were emitted by road transport in 2005, representing 22% of the UK’s total emissions of 556 million tonnes. Defra describes CO2 as the main greenhouse gas, accounting for 85% of the UK’s ‘basket’ of greenhouse gases in 2005.

Department of Transport statistics show that there were around 30 million private vehicles on the UK’s roads last year.

In a bid to help drivers cut their fuel bills and environmental impact, car insurance provider has produced a 10-point plan which is available on its website.

"World oil prices are now at their highest ever level, at almost 100 dollars a barrel, and at the pump the price has broken the £1 a litre barrier," said Paul Purdy.

"Both environmental damage and the rising cost of fuel are of concern to today’s motorists, and they have an even greater impact on the future we are handing over to our children’s generation," he said.

yesinsurance runs an active environmental programme in conjunction with the global warming charity EarthFireIce. It also runs a cashback scheme which provides a £50 incentive for owners of hybrid vehicles who take out motor insurance with Half of the incentive is paid back to the driver, whilst the other half is paid into carbon offsetting projects via Climatesure. The insurer is now looking to expand the hybrid scheme, which was launched last year, to include other types of energy-efficient vehicles.

About provides motor insurance for cars and vans, and is particularly competitive for vehicles that are over five years old, which account for 60% of all vehicles currently on the UK’s roads.

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