UKIP supports deregulation.

From: UKIP Bournemouth West Branch
Published: Sun Nov 06 2005

After bringing to the authorities attention the illegality of flying the EU flag on public buildings without planning permission, The UK Independence Party are sorry to learn that this might have affected the "benefit" of the Tourism and Twinning industry so badly that a speedy change in the law is being given government time to "allow all national flags and the European Union flag to be flown from any flagstaff without having to apply for permission from the council".

UKIP are in favour of deregulation and are heartened to see that this very small step towards this goal is being taken in double quick time, and trust this new approach will be applied across the board. They also look forward to the freedom once again to fly the Saltire, Red Dragon, Union Jack, Cross of St George and the Devonian flag, which certain councils and organisations around the country have taken upon themselves to proscribe.
Company: UKIP Bournemouth West Branch
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