If You Host a Teleseminar, Will People Come?

From: Great Teleseminars Audio Production Company
Published: Mon Nov 07 2005

MINNEAPOLIS--Although people love to sign up for free teleseminars, only 35 to 50 percent of the people who sign up will actually attend, according to a new study announced today by Great Teleseminars Audio Production Company, http://www.greatteleseminars.com

"People fail to show up for free teleseminars because they have a last-minute scheduling conflict, or have misplaced the sign-in information," said Daniel Janal, Founder of Great Teleseminars.

Despite the large dropoff in attendance, marketers still should look at the registrations list in a positive light.

"Just because people didn't show up doesn't mean they don't want to do business with you. It means they got busy with something else, or forgot. Neither of these reasons are sufficient to toss the prospect's name in the garbage bin,"says Janal. "Offering teleseminars continue to be a prospecting gold mine since potential clients have indicated they are interested in your product or service and have given you permission to market to them."

If you want to improve attendance for free teleseminars, you should send a reminder notice to participants the day of the event. That email should have the phone codes and the teleseminar title and benefits as well. That will serve as a reminder for people who have forgotten or misplaced the informations, Janal said.

To learn how to run more profitable teleseminars, you can find additional tips in "Dan Janal’s Great Teleseminar Tips Blog" http://www.greatteleseminars.com/blog

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Great Teleseminars has produced over 500 seminars on various issues including sales training, publicity, leadership management, taxes, healthcare, wellness, compliance and regulations. Janal has been called the Larry King of Teleseminars, and has helped numerous clients reach six figure incomes from producing effective teleconferences.

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