New Report Reveals Alternative Ways for Women Combat Acne

From: Noixia
Published: Mon Nov 07 2005

"You’ll grow out of it." Or maybe not.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology your typical acne sufferer is now 26 years old. For years adults have believed that the cause of their adult acne was simply their hormones. Yet author of "Acne Messages", Naweko San-Joyz, contributes the growing cases of adult acne to more than just hormones.

Acne is skin condition characterized by overproduction of oil, clogged pores and abnormal shedding of dead skin cells. Adult acne treatments can include antibiotic treatments, hormone therapy and topical creams containing retinoid, a vitamin A derivative.

The success of acne treatments varies among patients. It is not uncommon for an individual to continue with acne treatments of over 20 years. While researchers continue to advance adult acne treatments, San-Joyz argues, "One issue has long been overlooked in the mounting cases adults with hormonal acne, and that factor is the environmental dioxin poisoning."

Dioxin is a prevalent environmental toxin that is created by certain household chemicals when exposed to sunlight and garbage incinerators. Dioxin is an oily powder that sticks to the skin. This poison is spread by the wind and rain.
Dioxin exposure can cause the body to produce excess amounts of keratin, the protein found in hair, fingernails and skin. This buildup of keratin clogs the pores and causes pimples and blackheads.

To expose more of the overlooked issues that contribute to adult acne, Noixia issued a report entitled "What Every Woman Needs To Know About Naturally Curing Acne". The report offers tips on countering the acne provoking effects of dioxin. The report also provides practical advise on issues that specifically affect women coping with acne that include:

Ø How to treat pimples without over drying the skin and provoking wrinkles;
Ø Environmental causes of hormonal acne;
Ø The difference between whiteheads and milia;
Ø How to reduce breakouts during PMS; and
Ø What nutritional deficiencies that may cause adult acne

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