How to Prepare for the Storm; From the Eye of the Storm!

From: ECO Data Recovery
Published: Mon Nov 07 2005

Data Loss can be devastating. It could instantly take a small or medium size business from "Open for Business" to "Out of Business" in an instant. On a personal level, it can wipe away weeks, months and even years of critical data where there is no means of accessing or recreating the valuable information.
However, there are preventative measures that can be taken to ensure that you do not fall victim to the unfortunate circumstance of loss of data.
As a data recovery lab, we know. We just took a direct hit from hurricane Wilma.
Hurricane Wilma was "Not our First Rodeo", and more than likely, will not be our last.
We are also seeing an increase of drives on a local level that have been affected by this natural disaster, just as we did after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
Hearing stories on a daily basis of data loss, I thought it to be only fair to share some of our preparations of how we (as a Data Recovery Lab) survived as a business, and had basically no loss of business continuity. Fortunately, the only loss we did have was the actual day that the hurricane hit and we all watched the devastating destruction from our homes.

Here are a few of the procedures that we as a data recovery lab, put into place, yet once *again* this year, prior to landfall of Hurricane Wilma.
* We are fanatical about backing up. Keep in mind that our business is based upon hard drive failures. If you can imagine it, e.g. Fires, Floods, Mechanical Failure, User Error, we have heard it. The thought of a category 3 hurricane barreling towards us, was not a pleasant one.
* Ensure that you have "Backups of your Backups." Always keep a current backup offsite for absolute worst case scenarios.
* Prior to vacating the premises, Make Backups of Critical Data, Verify that all electronics are plugged into UPSs' (as they should be) power down and unplug from A.C. if possible. (Including Telephone and Modem Lines.)
* If possible, elevate all electronics and electronics equipment off of the ground. Even with Flood Insurance, Insurance providers will draw the line between "Wind driven Rain", and "Rising Water".
* Last but certainly not least, remain calm and approach any Computer Failure/Data Loss with a rational and sensible approach. A majority of hard drive failures, and data loss resulting from them can be successfully overcome, if proper measures are taken. There are numerous previously published articles that outline what NOT to do when faced with this type of potential crisis. Consult a professional data recovery lab to see what options are available for you, before it is too late.

With a Natural Disaster such as a category 3 hurricane approaching, there are exterior preparations as well. (Hurricane Shutters, Non-Perishable Foods, Water, for at least 3-4 days, Ice, Flashlights, Batteries, and Battery operated Radio or TV for News Alerts.) Anyone who lives in a hurricane prone area should already know these basics.

Hopefully, by taking these tips to heart (and mind), your business and/or place of business will not be "Gone with Wind!"

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