Lincolnshire MEP Derek Clark slams EU coastguard plans

Published: Thu Nov 17 2011

A move to set up an EU coastguard has been slammed by Lincolnshire MEP Derek Clark.

The UKIP MEP, whose constituency covers Boston, said the idea must be scrapped.

Mr Clark said: "The British government must scupper this EU coastguard idea immediately.

"However given its track record of supporting the creation of an EU External Action Service, aka Foreign Office, while shutting down British embassies overseas, I don't have much faith in the Government to do so.

"The Coalition Government has already decided to close eight British coastguard stations to leave the total number of open centres at 11 - a dangerous move for the safety of our fishermen.

"The EU has already taken control of our fisheries and it now wishes to float a proposal to take over control of our coastguard. This is unacceptable.

"It is ludicrous that six EU countries with no coastline get to have a vote on whether our island should have a coastguard."

His call follows his continued support of Boston Wash fishermen over EU fishing quotas.

Mr Clark also spoke in the EU Parliament this week on combating illegal fishing.
He said: "Up to when the UK joined the Common Market, our fishermen had looked after their fisheries so well.

"To preserve fish stocks member states must be made responsible for their own fishing waters, up to the 200 mile limit, or the median line. Bi-lateral arrangements would be up to them and they would have to protect their own fish stocks in their own interests, under their laws and enforcement.

"Now the EU wants to duplicate our coastguard too - when will it stop meddling?"
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