Energist Artist and former Chanel model Julia Watkins releases “Elephant Herd” a new painting depict

From: Platris Fine Art
Published: Tue Nov 08 2005

Denver, CO Nov 10, 2005 – Energist artist Julia Watkins today released "Elephant Herd" an acrylic painting on canvas which captures the powerful flow of energy within African landscapes.

Watkins, considered the founder of Energism art has developed a completely unique acrylic painting style where large swirly brushstrokes hide images of animals and people. To find the hidden image, a viewer must relax and use the right side of his/her brain. In that way the viewer has actually experienced the theme of the paintings – "relax and go with the flow."

You can view Elephant Herd at:

You can view other works of Energism at:

Limited edition prints are available through Platris Fine Art at the same website.

Artist Julia Watkins got her start as an international model which allowed her to travel and show her work worldwide. She was admitted into the NC State School of Design at 16, and spent four more years studying at the NYC Art Student’s League. After 20 years as an impressionist painter, in September 2004 Watkins had a dream which inspired the art style known as Energism. Watkins is considered to be the founder of Energism Art.

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Energist Artist and former Chanel model Julia Watkins releases "Elephant Herd" a new painting depicting the flow of energy within African landscapes and wildlife.

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