ECM’s AGROSCAN A14 brings ultrasound scanning to bovines and all

From: FTPB
Published: Tue Nov 08 2005

ECM of France will further enlarge its range of ultrasound scanners for veterinary use with the AGROSCAN A14. The AGROSCAN A14 is a light portable scanner, which is user-friendly and especially designed for bovine ultrasound scanning. It is a compact tool with an in-built battery, offering high image quality and great comfort in use, at a very affordable price.

The AGROSCAN A14 is equipped with a rectal sector probe of 3.5/5MHz and is designed to make quick and complete reproduction diagnosis on bovines from 30 days. Moreover, the AGROSCAN A14 has 3.5 hours of battery life and weighs only 1.5 kg. Its carrying strap makes the user’s movements easy while keeping hands free.

AGROSCAN A14 is an ultrasound scanner designed for beginners in bovine scanning who do not want to invest more money in the AGROSCAN L ¬– a linear rectal probe – which, while it is more expensive, remains the most comprehensive way to scan cows.

About ECM

ECM develops and manufactures specialist veterinary-science devices. The company is based in south-west France; it provides training in ultrasound techniques, the correct way to move the probe and how to interpret the ultrasound image. ECM also supplies after-sales service within 48 hours.
ECM will be present at the following trade fairs in 2006:
- FIMA GANADERA (Zaragoza, Spain) from 25 to 28 April 2006,
- VIV UTRECHT (Utrecht, Netherlands) from 16 to 18 May 2006,
- World Pork Expo (Des Moines, USA) from 8 to 10 June 2006,
- SPACE (Rennes, France) from 12 to 15 September 2006,
- World Buiatric Congress (Nice, France) from 15 to 19 October 2006,
- EUROTIER (Hannover, Germany) from 14 to 17 November 2006.

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