launches interactive road safety map

Published: Mon Nov 21 2011 has launched an informative mapping tool that reveals the dangers of road rage. The interactive road safety map reveals the country's most dangerous roads and junctions.

Cyclist and motorist rage is in the spotlight this Road Safety Week and, according to, both cyclists and car owners have strong feelings about how to handle it.

Both cyclists and motorists are turning to social media to report incidents of road related anger with identifying 2,674 tweets mentioning both 'road rage' and 'cyclist' during the first nine months of this year. In response to this emerging danger, created the interactive map so that both cyclists and drivers can pinpoint rage blackspots.

In addition to the cycle safety map, a survey of 1,000 motorists and 1,000 cyclists carried out by identified what sends cyclists into a 'two-wheel tantrum' and turns car drivers 'cyclo-pathic.' Along with the survey and the map, people can learn more about 'cycle rage' by watching a cycle issues video about the subject.

The survey found that 72 per cent of drivers have experienced one or more incidents involving a cyclist during the last two years. A quarter of these drivers were keen to see cyclists pay road tax and 14 per cent of drivers wanted to see cyclists displaying number plates on their bikes. Getting cyclists to pass a version of the driving test was a popular idea among 44 per cent of annoyed motorists, while 43 per cent said that they would like to see cyclists take out a form of insurance. Catching those who cycle through red lights was a top solution among 59 per cent of car drivers. Almost one third of motorists said that cycling on the pavement (which the Highway Code states is illegal) should be stopped.

Meanwhile, almost a quarter of the cyclists said they've been beeped at or sworn at by a motorist and more than one in eight had been knocked off their bike by a motorist. Additionally, 65 per cent of cyclists told that they feel less safe than they did a year ago and 34 per cent say they've been a victim of road rage.

Cyclists have some suggestions about ways to improve their journeys. Some suggestions include legalising cycling on pavements (28 per cent), introducing more bike lanes (58 per cent) and increasing the availability of hire bikes (25 per cent).

Gareth Kloet, Head of Car Insurance at, said: "Rage on the roads is a big problem for both motorists and cyclists and our research shows that both groups have much to complain about. Whilst both parties can point at differing solutions to help improve road safety, we urge all road users to exercise respect and courtesy as the roads are for everyone and tolerance could save people's lives."

Malcolm Shepherd, Chief Executive of Sustrans, the UK charity encouraging people to travel by foot, bike or public transport said: "People need to be more considerate and aware of all other users when making their journeys."

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