Leading young Tory defects to UKIP

Published: Mon Nov 21 2011

A leading young Conservative has defected to UKIP.

Jakob Whiten, deputy chairman of Conservative Future in the East Midlands up until last week, has revealed he has joined UKIP.

The 19-year-old, from Leicestershire, said the Conservatives "showed their true colours" earlier this month after enforcing a stringent three-line whip to compel their MPs to vote against the prospect of an EU referendum.

He said: "I entered politics and joined the Conservative Party to help people - I believe being a member of UKIP I can now be honest about the issues that matter most to people."

Leicestershire UKIP MEP Derek Clark said: "We are all delighted to welcome Jakob to UKIP.

"He is the latest in a string of Tories who have come over to UKIP and who are disillusioned with the Conservative Party."

His defection is another example of a notable Conservative member switching allegiance to UKIP and follows names such as former government Chief Whip Lord Hesketh and former Northampton Mayor Colin Lill.
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