Ever Wish Your Horse Could Sleep at the Foot of Your Bed? Dreams Come True with the ‘No More Night M

From: Wild Heart Ranch
Published: Tue Nov 08 2005

Ever Wish Your Horse Could Sleep at the Foot of Your Bed? Dreams Come True with the ‘No More Night Mares’ Light Up Plush Horses

Cuddly Light Up Plush Horses and Story Book Comfort Children and Ease their Fear of the Dark
POINT ROBERTS, WA, Delta, B.C. November 08, 2005 - Wild Heart Ranch, Inc., (www.WildHeartRanch.com) a toy and publishing company asks horse lovers of all ages- "ever wish your horse could sleep at the foot of your bed?" The 14" plush horses light up the dark with moons, comets and stars and make nighttime magical instead of scary for children. The picture book is a perfect bedtime story for horse lovers of all ages and tells the legend of the mythical mares that blaze a path to the stars. If you believe in them, they will watch over you and be your guardians during the night.
Meet "Comet", "Moonbeam" and "Lucky Stars" from the ‘No More Night Mares' legend and have the characters come to life in the realistic horse colored plush toys with long manes and tails.
The line was awarded the 2005 SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD AND PREFERRED CHOICE AWARD FOR CHILDREN’S BOOK AND PLUSH HORSE TOY. More info: http://www.wildheartranch.com/corporate/whr_NR071305.asp
The ‘No More Night Mares, a Dream of Freedom’ book is a mythical legend about a herd of wild magical horses, protected by the powers of the moon and stars. The herd is chased by hunters to the edge of a cliff, with no escape in sight until the moon's night mist unravels to form a pathway of safety to the stars. The mythical wild horses find freedom in the night sky, where man can only dream of their capture. The story tells children to not be afraid of the dark; the "Night Mares" are watching over all of us. Horse lovers will appreciate the beautiful and spiritual artwork of Kim McElroy.
The ‘No More Night Mares’ plush night light horses and picture book illustrated by Kim McElroy, are currently sold in specialty stores, tack stores and online retailers as well as non-profits. Store Locater and Online Stores: http://www.wildheartranch.com/toysBooks/tb_storeLocations.htm
No More Night Mares: Wild Horses Light Up the Dark

Meet Comet (pinto), Moonbeam (palomino) and Lucky Stars (appaloosa) - The No More Night Mares
The 'No More Night Mares' series of 14" plush horses, Comet, Moonbeam and Lucky Stars, have a night light situated on their blaze, (the white triangle shaped spot on a horse's face) that lights up a piece of the sky for children to fall asleep with. Comets, moons and stars light up to comfort children in the soft cuddly plush toys.
Each plush horse has a long tail and mane to comb and brush and comes with their own gold comb for hours of playtime. To recognize the "No More Night Mares" horses that live in the sky, each horse has a gold star on their side and each hoof has a star print underneath.
To light up the No More Night Mares, (turn light on and off): Squeeze the "light up" button located inside the right front hoof (foot). http://www.wildheartranch.com/ourBrands/ob_noMoreNightMares.htm

The Book: The ‘No More Night Mares, a Dream of Freedom’ book is a mythical legend about a herd of wild horses that run free from man and escape to freedom in the night sky. The story tells children why they should not fear the dark since the "Night Mares" are watching over all of us. Horse lovers of all different ages will love this story and enjoy the beautiful artwork done by Kim McElroy, a well known artist in the Horse industry out of Seattle, WA. To see more of her artwork visit, www.spiritofhorse.com
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