SYNEG’s cook-chill process guarantees catering quality

From: FTPB
Published: Wed Nov 09 2005

French members of SYNEG, a French professional body for kitchen equipment manufacturers, have developed the cook-chill process for caterers and restaurants. This process is making its mark both in France and abroad as the best guarantee of the quality of foodstuffs supplied to local communities. SYNEG will attend the EQUIP'HOTEL international trade fair to be held from 5 to 9 November 2006 in Paris.

The 'cook-chill' process was developed in France. It is monitored by the HACCP method (which enables the quality of foodstuffs to be brought under control). This process makes it possible to serve meals several days after they have been made, without bacteria or pathogenic micro-organisms proliferating to dangerous levels, and without having recourse to quick freezing.

After cooking, the foodstuffs are chilled quickly in compliance with regulated protocols. They are thus stored and distributed in a cold medium (0 to 3°C) within a maximum time period of up to four days, or even seven days depending on the use-by date. The meals are delivered to one or more sites where they are reheated according to pre-determined protocols, with virtually no restrictions on time or distance.

Although around the world people are eating out more and more often, the use of rapid-cooling cells remains on a very small scale. This method offers a great many advantages. Users can: achieve a wider variety of menus; benefit from economies of scale in operator time-management; significantly decrease raw-material wastage by reducing the amount of scraps; and save energy by improving the way in which equipment is used.

The development of these processes was made possible owing to the decisive contribution made by French manufacturers of equipment for large-sized kitchens, who designed and perfected cutting-edge equipment capable of using the incredible potential of the cook-chill process. The cook-chill process and central kitchens have brought permanent progress to the out-of-home catering sector, guaranteeing the safety and quality of meals prepared in this way.
The quick-chilling chamber manufacturers, grouped together under the banner of SYNEG, will be present at the EQUIP'HOTEL international trade fair to be held from 5 to 9 November 2006 at the Paris Exhibition Hall, Porte de Versailles.


SYNEG (Syndicat National de l’Equipement des Grandes Cuisines – Professional association of French manufacturers of equipment for large-sized kitchens) counts virtually all French manufacturers and French subsidiaries of European manufacturers of equipment for institutional kitchens among its members. This professional association is an active contributor to improvements in industry regulations, monitoring legislative and regulatory developments at both national and European levels in fields as varied as the thinking-up and application of European directives (hygiene, machines, electricity, gas, electromagnetic compatibility, refrigeration, and ventilation, etc.), standardisation, certification, procurement contract rules, waste disposal, and export promotion.

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