Mapsoft’s MaskIt Adobe Acrobat Plug-In Helps Protect Confidential Data, Create Customised Marketing

From: Mapsoft
Published: Wed Nov 09 2005

9 November 05 -- Companies that want to conceal specific areas of Adobe Acrobat PDF documents to cover up company branding, confidential data or other content when printing or viewing can do so easily with MaskIt, an Acrobat plug-in from Adobe software development specialists Mapsoft.

The Acrobat-based plug-in is an ideal tool when preparing legal, contractual or financial documentation, which may contain sensitive or confidential data that needs to be concealed or masked off when sharing documents with business partners and colleagues.

MaskIt enables users to create customised PDF documents, blanking off data inside or around a specified area to hide certain information, such as case-specific or client-confidential data. Additional notes and information can then be superimposed onto the document using Mapsoft’s Impress tool to create company-specific sales and marketing material, and legal or contractual documents. MaskIt can also be used to clean up poor-quality scans.

Marketing departments can use MaskIt to create customised marketing and promotional material by masking off generic branding on the original manufacturer’s documentation. They can then replace these with their own corporate branding and logos using the Mapsoft ImagePlacer plug-in, to create valuable customised sales and marketing collateral.

Masks can be easily defined through the main Acrobat toolbar, and can then be applied to the current document and saved for future use. Users can specify whether the mask is applied inside or outside the defined selection, hiding sensitive or confidential data or removing original headers, footers and branding to create company marketing collateral.

Additional functionality enables users to specify which pages in a document require a mask to be applied and the page range within a specific spread to which the masks should be applied. Configurations can be saved and reused, and multiple documents managed in one single operation when MaskIt is used in conjunction with Mapsoft’s automation plug-in, Automator.

Michael Peters, Director at Mapsoft said: "MaskIt’s simplicity and powerful functionality makes it an ideal solution for a wide range of business applications, from creating customised promotional material to ensuring sensitive material remains just that.

"MaskIt will be particularly useful to companies working in the legal profession to help ensure access to client-sensitive information and case details remains secure and authorised. Within a business environment, MaskIt can also be used to control access to commercially sensitive data relating to finance, business tenders and human resource issues."

MaskIt is fully compatible with versions 5 and 6 of Acrobat, as well as the latest Acrobat version 7.0.5. A free trial version of MaskIt is available for download at The product is available to buy online, priced at £59.00.

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