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Published: Wed Nov 09 2005

The New Party

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9 November 2005


The New Party today publishes its ‘Manifesto for a World Class Nation' This document gives our vision for the future and sets out in plain language how we would tackle the problems this country now faces.

The Labour and Conservative parties have now held power continuously since 1922 and the New Party has been formed to offer a viable alternative for the silent majority who are less than happy with the current political choices.

‘Manifesto for a World Class Nation' contains a number of innovative proposals targeted at problems which the other parties tend to avoid altogether. The New Party proposes major reform in how we deliver education, health-care, social welfare and pensions. Our policies would also bring about significant improvements in the overall economy as well as housing, transport, taxation and local government.

New Party spokesman Dr Nigel Knight,
"It is somehow appropriate that the launch of our manifesto has coincided with the riots in France. UK politicians have also failed to address widespread concerns or to deliver on social issues. The main parties now concentrate on winning elections and everything else takes second place. Most people realise that major changes are overdue, but our politicians no longer have the knowledge, experience or backbone required, to force them though."

However, we live in a democracy and we are ultimately responsible for our own destiny. Those who think that our political system is beyond redemption should perhaps consider how best to explain this unfortunate event to future generations.

Notes for Editors;

1. Manifesto for a World Class Nation is available on the New Party website ( or in hard copy from the Westminster Bookshop ( price two pounds.
2. Dr Nigel Knight is an economist and political scientist who has taught at both Oxford and Cambridge University. He has advised the Foreign Office, the House of Commons Trade and Industry Select Committee and various MPs. He has written economic policy for the Liberal Democrats, been economic adviser to Martin Bell and to Michael Howard when he was Shadow Chancellor.
3. Detailed briefing papers are available for National Stock and Personal Equity Trusts.
4. New Party spokesmen are available for interview
5. Press contact numbers are 020 7872 5458 or 07742 526 186 out of hours.

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