The Rebel Organization Signs on With Leap Wireless To Get The Word Out About Jump Mobile

From: the Rebel Organization
Published: Wed Nov 09 2005

LOS ANGELES – November 7, 2005 – The Rebel Organization, a full-service marketing agency that spans the breadth of the youth market from Generation Y to Generation X, today announced that Leap Wireless has hired Rebel to build awareness of Jump Mobile – its urban-focused wireless prepaid service.

Born out of URB Magazine, Rebel is a full-service marketing agency with expertise covering the range of subcultures and interests that shape urban and youth culture.

"With its targeted marketing approach and the affordability of its Jump Mobile service offering including free incoming calls and text messaging, we believe that Leap will be successful in the prepaid space," said Josh Levine, president, The Rebel Organization. "We are pleased to be working with the Leap and Jump Mobile teams to roll out this urban-focused service."

"With Jump Mobile designed for the mobile-dependent urban youth segment, it is important that we are aligning ourselves with a marketing agency that ‘talks the talk and walks the walk’ of our target customer base," said Linda Wokoun, senior vice president, marketing and customer care for Leap. "Rebel is the ideal partner for us as we launch Jump Mobile. We believe their successful track record promoting youth-relevant brands, such as Scion and RBK, coupled with their grassroots presence in our targeted cities, will be beneficial as we roll out Jump Mobile to markets across the country. We are pleased that Rebel has its pulse on the progressive youth culture, and look forward to working with the Rebel team."

Targeted for the mobile-dependent urban youth segment, Jump Mobile is available now in select markets across the country, including Phoenix and Tucson, AZ.; Denver, CO.; Dayton, OH; Charlotte and Greensboro, NC; and Memphis, TN.

With no long-term commitments, hidden charges or connection fees, Jump Mobile is helping to define low-cost prepaid wireless service offering 10 cents per minute for domestic long distance and local outgoing calls and free unlimited incoming calls as long as there is a balance on the account. Plus, both incoming and outgoing text messaging is free for Jump Mobile customers as long as there is a balance on the account. Jump Mobile plans are offered in four denominations, including: $15 for 150 anytime minutes, $25 for 250 anytime minutes, $35 for 350 anytime minutes, $50 for 500 anytime minutes. Jump Mobile is available with a new "bubble pack" phone -- the Motorola c341 -- which has a retail price of just $69.99, including 150 minutes of outgoing and unlimited incoming prepaid airtime.

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