Exterpassive Studios Announces free video content for computer desktop wallpapers and screensavers.

From: Fingeco Corporation (ExterPassive.com)
Published: Wed Nov 09 2005

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Contact: Helen Highshow
Company: Exterpassive Studios
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Exterpassive Studios Announces free video content for computer desktop wallpapers and screensavers.

Downloadable video content for computer video wallpaper and video screensavers produced by Exterpassive Studios became free on October 28.

October 28, 2005 Exterpassive Studios released and made free all independently produced downloadable video content for video wallpaper and screensavers, like Exterpassive Video Wallpaper or Windows XP Video Screensaver. Earlier only the Exterpassive Video Wallpaper software had been free, but video files with particular nature shootings had required payment. Now 40 titles are available at the studio's site for free download and playback.
Exterpassive video content allows PC users to relax and recreate by looking at live video sequences displaying mother-nature as it is, without human artifacts or any plot, though in full vivid color and astonishing diversity of images. The concept of Exterpassive video is rather simple: the computer user installs a freeware desktop video player application with a bundled video file that allows the user to play video right in the desktop area. The application may be configured to daily download new video files automatically.

Exterpassive Video Wallpaper is intended for a broad range of PC users who would like to animate static desktop backgrounds and bring the beauty of nature to their desktops, making it possible to relax right in front of the computer screen by simply minimizing all applications and watching the mother-nature live a life of its own. According to multiple studies by independent experts, Exterpassive video played on background (regardless of whether the sound is turned on or off) produce greater relaxation and result in work efficiency increased.

"As we have studied the existing applications intended for relaxation at the workplace as well as applications and videos people traditionally use seeking relaxation, we have discovered an interesting fact: what is intended for relaxation in most cases makes human eyes follow the plot, which is also an activity, not relaxation," – said Vitaly Puzanov, the CEO of Exterpassive Studios. "When shooting Exterpassive video content we never utilize the director’s perspective, instead we find gorgeous locations where things happen as they used to millions of years ago – and we shoot that on video. The resulting movie induces relaxing trance state in human beings as the conscious mind virtually turns off when there is no camera action, letting the unconscious do its job to get us back in one piece… refreshed and relaxed!"

According to Mr. Puzanov, "Exterpassive Studios did its very best to offer people in front of computer monitors a truly innovative, well-thought yet absolutely natural way of recreating and relaxing!"

About Exterpassive Studios
Founded in 1999, Exterpassive Studios specializes in producing high quality natural video content and software intended for playing nature videos on desktop. The Company has revolutionized recreational and relaxation natural video technology by introducing the patented Exterpassive video approach to shooting nature videos, where there is no director’s perspective and no actors other than the nature gestalts. As of now, Exterpassive Studios offers a variety of high resolution videos, available on DVDs and as downloadable files.

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