The Online Coaching Show enters its third month with a climbing number of dedicated fans, who are comparing the show to SuperNanny.

[ClickPress, Mon Mar 21 2005] Calgary, Alberta March 18, 2005 – In the two months since The Online Coaching show launched into cyberspace, Jean Hudson has become known as the Supernanny for adults. While Jo Frost brings her wit and wisdom to parents to television every Monday night, the Calgary author and coach precedes her with a quiet but powerful presence that produces visible results similar to the original SuperNanny.

The show maintains a “living room feel” despite the high tech delivery, which has amazed both guests and volunteers. Hudson has provided simple techniques and extensive follow up to each of the coaching guests who have volunteered. Volunteers have included Catharine Garry of Calgary, Linda Shields from British Columbia and Eileen McMullin from Connecticut. Each show brings a new volunteer and new insight into habits, reactions and behaviors for the audience.

McMullin, a home based graphic artist was stunned at Hudson’s ability to provide clarity to her situation, “I never expected to experience a life altering shift in my behavior. Certainly not at my age. I learned, though, that an old dog can certainly learn new tricks.”

Hudson ‘s partnership with Janet Legere is proving to be a winning combination in bringing coaching to a new level of accessibility. Legere coordinates the technical details and hosts the shows every second Monday.

To learn more about The Online Coaching Show and the simple techniques that are leading to life enhancing changes contact Janet Legere at (403) 274-2930 or via email at or Jean Hudson at (403) 252 8797.

A complete press kit including audio recordings and background information from the two published authors is available upon request.


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