Doggy delights from Honda

From: Duck2water Car Insurance
Published: Thu Nov 10 2005

In 2003, there were 5.5 million households that owned 1 or more dogs in the UK, just over 20% of all households. Many of these people take their dogs out in the car on a regular basis to take them on walks mostly, but also to go to the shops or on holiday.

However nice it is to take your dog out with you in the car, it can also be dangerous. If the driver needs to make an emergency manoeuvre, dogs can be injured if they are not properly restrained and can also injure other occupants of the car. Unrestrained dogs can also cause accidents by distracting the driver of the car and getting in the way. Honda have designed a car especially for dog owners to make taking the dog for a drive safer for both people and dogs.

The car is called the "Wow" – officially standing for "Wonderful Openhearted Wagon" but also having the association of bow-wow.

There are specially designed seating areas in the car that are safe for dogs and which can be converted to normal, comfortable seating for passengers. Instead of a glove box, it has a compartment that a small to medium size dog can comfortably sit or lie in.

It has wooden floors instead of the normal carpet, as well as easy to clean seats so it doesn’t matter how wet and muddy the dog gets whilst out on its walk.

Rebecca Pearson from Duck2water Car Insurance says car will be a hit with dog owners:

"22% of our customers have dogs. When we asked them how often they took their dog in the car, 70% of them reported that they did at least once a week. With so many dogs – and not just dogs, also cats, goats, sheep and other animals – being chauffered around, there is probably quite a big demand for this kind of car in the UK."

Honda are still finding out whether there is enough interest in the car in Japan and the US before they have the Wow rolling off the production line, so unfortunately it could be quite some time before this car, or one like it, is seen in the UK.


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