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From: Swaprocks
Published: Thu Nov 10 2005

Bound Brook, NJ – November 10, 2005 – Swaprocks! unveiled today a new user interface to their homepage which features easier navigation and listing tools. Along with these features, they have also added a link for the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund and have launched their own blog.

"We’ve been spending a lot of time over the last few months tweaking things here and there, and hashing out bugs," said Frank Bridges, Swaprocks! co-founder and CEO, "and now that that’s done we wanted to put our attention to making the site even more user friendly, as well as do our little part to help out those in need."

Along with the interface changes, Swaprocks! has added a link throughout their site to the Red Cross in support of their Disaster Relief Fund. The Red Cross responds to disasters, large and small, as well both domestic and internationally. The Disaster Relief Fund allows the Red Cross to have the resources to provide food, water, shelter and other essentials to victims of disaster.

Another feature that’s new to the Swaprocks! site is a blog. This is where the staff can make posts about what’s going on behind the scenes and give users a glimpse into the tedium that can be involved in running a very small dot.com in a very big world wide web. As well, there will be staff picks on music, movies, games and late night snacks. Adds Bridges, "We hope for it to become kind of like a modern day reality show. But real."

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