Children Learn Art Design and Become ‘Published' In Art Club

Published: Fri Nov 11 2005

MUDDY POND, Tenn. – Children love to draw, and now they can learn art skills and even earn money from their work.

Children of all ages are invited to join a drawing club through Each child will receive help and guidance with art projects, and might even earn money from their artwork that may be used on greeting cards or other items.

John Roark created the web site as the fulfillment of a 15-year-dream. He said he knows that art provides many benefits for children, and he has longed for a way to reach out to children around the world.

Roark is an accomplished graphic artist with many years of experience. He created this program to provide help and guidance to aspiring artists, and children who can benefit from learning art skills. Children up to the age of 17 are eligible to participate.

Roark provides children and their parents with software resources, and consultations by e-mail and by phone as needed. Children learn how to create art in a format that can be used for greeting cards, stickers, coffee mugs, t-shirts, and other items that Roark sells on the Internet.

"Each child earns a royalty when an item is sold on which their artwork appears," explained Roark. "We now have 76 items that are available for children to select for their artwork."

Because the service is offered over the Internet, children from anywhere in the world are invited to participate, as long as they can understand English.

As children develop in their skills, Roark plans to help them learn more about graphic arts, and even enable them to create logos for businesses.

"We have resources to help you. If you want to design logos, web pages, software development, and other items we can help you do it. We can also help you to select the right items to put your artwork on," said Roark.

Families that home school their children can use the drawing club as a way to teach about art and develop skills. Others who just want to encourage young children to draw can also use the club as a resource.

"We open up our resources to the family, and help them find free software programs that anyone can use to create art," said Roark.

Roark offers complete details at his web site at

John Roark

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