IPTV a service to be reckoned with but the technology’s full potential still unexplored

From: Broadband Network Systems Ltd
Published: Fri Nov 11 2005

IPTV has finally morphed from relative obscurity to prominence, but operators haven’t fully explored IP technology’s full potential, according to Jeffrey Soong, CEO of Hong Kong-based IPTV enabler Broadband Network Systems Ltd (BNS).

Speaking at a panel at the Ninth Economist Telecommunications Roundtable in Hong Kong this week, Mr. Soong said that as consumption patterns of video programs continue to change, IP technology gives IPTV operators the ability to offer content and services across multiple access platforms with innovative business models, a key advantage over cable and satellite operators.

"The content creation and distribution process has changed quite dramatically in recent years", Mr. Soong said at the panel discussion. "In the new entertainment environment, content is created by many and distributed by many, for example via video uploads. This indicates there is a pent up demand by people for this type of engagement in the content creation process, a trend that IPTV operators should try and monetize, whether through advertising or subscription", he said.

Mr. Soong said that IPTV operators shouldn’t stand still on traditional services but explore and experiment with new and innovative business models that maximize IP’s superior technology. However, he also stressed the importance of working closely with the content community to help them understand the potential of new and evolving technologies.

"The content industry has certainly learned from the mistakes made by the music industry and will be much faster in adapting to a changing entertainment environment. Still, there is a fundamental need to educate the content community about the potential of new delivery platforms." he said.

Mr Soong was speaking at a panel session titled "Now screening: perhaps TV was the ‘killer app’ all along" which discussed the technology and service provisioning issues of bringing IPTV and broadcast related services to Asian consumers.

The Ninth Economist Round Table was held in Hong Kong on 8 November, 2005 and brought together industry experts to discuss trends and developments in key telecommunications issues across the region.
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