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Published: Fri Nov 11 2005

"Peace is a journey of a thousand miles and it must be taken one step at a time."

Live with Yoga, the complete website on Yoga, is the first step to attain peace in life. It is an endeavour to establish peace on earth. The website has been designed to offer exhaustive information about the ancient Hindu tradition, Yoga, its history, evolution, benefits on health and a lot more. http://www.livewithyoga.net throws light upon all the unexplained aspects of Yoga. The site is divided into various chapters and gives detailed information about every facet of Yoga.

Yoga means union and aims at the realization of the unity of our whole being. It is a state of perfect spiritual bliss. Making Yoga, a part of your daily life, can help attain spiritual, mental and physical perfection. Yoga not only revitalizes the body but also enriches it.

Yoga, since ages, has been used as an alternative cure for various ailments. Our ancient sages used yoga to heal their bodies from various diseases. The healing science of yoga is a tradition being followed for centuries for personal fulfillment, self-realization and living a healthy and stress free life. Modern medical research suggests that correct and regular practice of Yoga can help prevent or treat many types of ailments.

Yoga is a spiritual practice for personal growth that includes both physical and mental exercises. Its practice helps to bring about total relaxation of the body and the mind enabling the healing to occur at a deeper level of the human personality. Yoga is a comprehensive system of practices to promote integrated growth at all levels of human personality: physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual.

At http://www.livewithyoga.net you can experience peace and also contribute in the mission of spreading peace in the world by sharing your knowledge about the subject.
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