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Published: Fri Nov 11 2005

What happens when bioterrorists unleash the biochemical "smallpox" and time is of the essence to stop its deadly spread? That drama unfolds in this medical fiction thriller, Sledgehammer. Terrorists have successfully used smallpox as a biochemical agent with plans to spread it into several sport arenas, airports, and shopping malls to maximize its deadly effects. If not for the quick action and prior medical expertise of the main character, Dr. Max Kroose, fatalities could be in the millions. This emotional science fiction book will have you eagerly awaiting every page as the story unfolds.

In Sledgehammer the first case of smallpox is presented in an emergency room in Los Angeles as the hospital staff faces the challenges of the contagious disease spreading quickly and affecting patients and staff alike. What adds further drama to the story is the discovery that this particular form of smallpox is the particularly aggressive form -- sledgehammer smallpox, or malignant smallpox. Sledgehammer smallpox develops a non-typical rash and patients succumb to the disease fairly rapidly, which further increases the urgency to find a cure.

What makes the book even more interesting is that the events unfolding in the ER symbolize real events that occur in emergency rooms daily. The author, Dr. Paulo J. Reyes, is a practicing Emergency Room Doctor and First Responder to disasters in Los Angeles, California with a medical career spanning 25 years. His medical expertise helped to create a medical environment that medical personnel, fans of medical TV dramas, as well as all science fiction fans will enjoy. Added to that, the characters are well developed and passionate in their quest for answers.

Dr. Reyes is also the author of Health-Care Reform or redistribution of Cost? and is currently working on the sequel to this book. Realizing that there exist a clear and present danger of a terrorist attack today leads him to agree with the proponent of voluntary smallpox vaccinations and his desire to spread the word of the potential dangers through his books.

With today’s terrorists’ threats, the growing concern of a biochemical attack, the fear of a global pandemic, and the excellent way in which this book was written, it’s an excellent book to add to your collection. Stop by our site at to order the book or get the latest news events and additional information on smallpox.

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