Boots puts 1000 BMI machines in store to end obsession with scales and dress sizes

From: Boots The Chemists
Published: Fri Dec 28 2007

New research from Boots says three quarters of us admit to feeling unhappy with our bodies and feel pressure to conform to unrealistic celebrity standards. To help end this obsession with scales and dress sizes, Boots is putting 1000 BMI machines in stores.

When asked which celebrity figure they most aspired to, British women lead with perfect 10, Kelly Brook, followed by Marilyn Monroe and Madonna. David Beckham, Daniel Craig and Johnny Wilkinson’s perfect pecs’ set the standard for men.

The Know your Figure campaign launched today aims to educate Brits on how to work out the healthy weight range for their individual height and frame, rather than simply focusing on celebrity ideals, dropping dress sizes and counting pounds and inches.

1000 new Healthy-Weight Check machines are being installed in Boots stores across the country in a bid to help people set and achieve a healthy weight loss goal. The state-of-the-art machines accurately measure Body Mass Index (BMI), body fat percentage and weight – the nation’s new vital statistics.

Weight is the indication most (53%) of the nation use to judge whether they are a healthy size, but a third of us still rely on whether our clothes are too tight.

Four out of five Brits admit to not knowing their own Body Mass Index (BMI) and two-thirds don’t even know that a healthy BMI range is 18.5 to 24.9. 25 to 27.9 is considered overweight and a BMI of 28 plus is classed as obese, according to guidelines from the Department of Health. The research revealed that most people sit in the overweight category with 27.9 being the average BMI for those surveyed.

Louise Redknapp is supporting the campaign. She says, "My TV experiment showed how dangerous trying to get to size zero can be. I’ve always felt this pressure to be thinner and it’s really important that people realise one size doesn’t fit all and that it’s being a healthy weight that counts."

"No wonder Brits have a bad body image if they’re constantly comparing themselves to unrealistic images of celebrities in the media who make a living out of looking good," explains Linda Papadopoulos, the psychologist advising on the ‘Know your Figure’ campaign. "I’ve worked closely with Boots to put together personalised Change One Thing Action Plans that will suit your personality type and how to stick to it."

A Boots spokesperson said: "It was interesting to see that among the figures that British women most admire, the more voluptuous shapes of Kelly Brook and Marilyn Monroe sat higher than Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham.

"What we want to be clear about is that eight and a half, nine or ten stones might be healthy for one person but over or under weight for someone else – the key thing is to know your own vital statistics and that’s why we’re making Healthy Weight-Check machines available across the country."

Healthy weight management is the focus of Boots’ Change One Thing campaign this year, as 70 per cent of people who sign up for the campaign each year are trying to shift excess pounds after Christmas. Personalised Change One Thing Action Plans and experts are available in Boots to help customers achieve a healthy weight, stop smoking, get healthier looking skin and live a healthier lifestyle.

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