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Published: Mon Nov 14 2005

From Hurricane Katrina to the suburbs of Paris, from Supreme Court nominations to Special Prosecutor indictments, 2005 has been a hot year for political stories. And with 60 published articles daily, online magazine Blogcritics.org brings a unique take on political news and opinions to 50,000 visitors each day.

With more than 1,100 superior bloggers and a large editorial staff, Blogcritics.org is uniquely poised to cover the wide-ranging, ever-changing, and always percolating world of politics.

There's just no other place on the Internet to find a bustling community of thinkers, writers, and self-styled pundits who provide perspectives from all across the political spectrum. Liberals, conservatives, moderates, and iconoclasts from around the globe create a sizzling melting pot of opinions on the news and analysis galore. Each article then provides a forum for discussions with readers and Blogcritics alike, which often evolve and flourish as news events and developments take place in real time.

In the marketplace of ideas, Blogcritics.org is a wholesaler, distributor, and manufacturer all rolled into one. Just this week, you'll find:

* Weekly column "In the Middle" seeks to find out if two reasonable people from opposite ends of the political spectrum can put aside partisanship and reach a consensus about the issues of the day. This week, center-left representative Eric Berlin and conservative-leaner Phillip Winn take on Vice President Cheney in an attempt to answer the question, "What's up with him?"

* President Bush's speech defending the lead-up to war with Iraq is given a C for delivery but an A for content by resident Blogcritic Patfish.

* Mike Valdman puts the concept of judicial originalism under the microscope and uses it to size up Supreme Court nominee Samuel J. Alito Jr.

* Prolific Blogcritic Dave Nalle invokes Rudyard Kipling on Veteran's Day and demands that our returning soldiers be given the care they deserve.

* Natalie Bennett looks at Tony Blair's parliamentary defeat in the United Kingdom and the dangers posed to individual rights in reaction to terrorist threats.

* Chris Muir's "Day By Day" comic strip looks at the lighter side of politics and media by musing on such themes as the difference between a "news producer" and a "producer of news."

About Blogcritics.org

Blogcritics.org is a new kind of online magazine, an interactive community in which writers and readers from around the globe talk about stories, issues, and products. If it's happening in the world – from global political issues to obscure rock bands, from the latest best selling novel to the TV shows that aired last night – Blogcritics.org has it covered.

Blogcritics.org was founded by Eric Olsen, who has enjoyed a 25-year career in writing and broadcasting on a vast array of topics including politics, music, and media. Co-owner Phillip Winn built Blogcritics.org, nearly from scratch, and continues to manage the technical and design elements of the site.

Working with Olsen and Winn is a team of over twenty editors dedicated to making Blogcritics.org the premiere Web destination for interactive news, commentary, and reviews.

Blogcritics.org is an official Google News and My Yahoo! source, syndicates content to online editions of newspapers around the United States via the Advance family of websites, and has won numerous awards, including a Bloggie for best music site, Forbes.com's Best Media Blogs, and was recently showcased on the prestigious AlwaysOn and Technorati "Open Media 100" list.

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