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Published: Mon Feb 14 2005

POINT ROBERTS, WA, February 14th, 2005 -, a global investor and industry news portal for search engine stocks, is pleased to announce its new featured search engine stock within the portal: InfoSearch Media (OTCBB: ISHM). As search engines compete to improve technology for the internet user, InfoSearch Media provides search engine users with detailed, relevant information about a wide variety of topics and a community-oriented environment to interact with other internet users regarding each topic. The company also strategically provides leading search engines with a source of high quality content and in addition provides online advertisers with a cost effective alternative for capturing targeted, keyword-specific search engine traffic. The largest source of revenue for InfoSearch is the TrafficLogic product, which incorporates the sale of exclusive content sponsorships comprising the ArticleInsider network.

The company generated revenue of approximately $2.3 million for the 2004 nine-month period, versus $321,760 for the 2003 comparable period. In addition, InfoSearch Media reported $6.8 million in deferred revenue, which represents pre-paid commitments to purchase advertising, an increase of over 270% versus deferred revenue of $1.8 in 2003.

InfoSearch Media will be exhibiting their search engine marketing solutions at the Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo, Feb. 28 - March 3, in New York City. As a notable sponsor for the three-day event, InfoSearch Media plans to feature its premier content network powered by over 200 professional copywriters. Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo 2005 is the largest Search Engine Strategies event to date.

The "Search" sector is poised for growth, with Research and Markets ( recently reporting that, "paid search advertising grew approximately 55% to become a $4 billion market in the US alone". U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray, predicts the overall search industry could reach $7 billion by 2007. The search engine sector is also rapidly evolving as evidenced by Ask Jeeves Inc‘s recent acquisition of Bloglines, (for searching, subscribing, publishing and sharing news feeds and blogs) in order to compete against rivals Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc. Microsoft has launched its own Internet search engine to capitalize on the growing trend that "Search" is currently the second most popular activity on the web, behind email.

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InfoSearch Media (OTCBB: ISHM) provides content based, cost-effective search engine marketing services. InfoSearch Media maintains a network of over 200 professional writers that contribute to its online network of informative content leveraged to generate highly qualified traffic for its clients. The company also provides web analytic software and other tools to help online marketers analyze their site visitors and improve their return on investment. There are currently over 4,500 clients receiving traffic from the company's network of over 200,000 articles. InfoSearch Media's clients include Netflix, MatchNet, Pitney Bowes, and

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ContentLogic: ( Branded, original content
ConversionLogic: ( Click-to-sale tracking
ArticleInsider: ( Global community forum where real-life specialists share their knowledge about a wide variety of popular topics
TrafficLogic: ( The Company’s primary revenue driver, provides clients with the ability to be the sole sponsor of ArticleInsider content by placing contextual advertising on the content.
TopicLogic: ( offers investors research, news and links to public companies within the Search Engine sector. The site does not give specific recommendations, and encourages investors to complete their own due diligence.

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