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Published: Mon Nov 14 2005


San Luis Obispo, CA (October 18, 2005) -- Today FirstStop Web Search, LLC, the developer of the extremely popular "FirstStop WebSearch" (, announces its web site investigation and tracking tool, "Monarch Search" (

Monarch Search is powerful research software that allows the creation of multiple searches based on a variety of criteria to monitor Web pages and Keywords and creates offline copies of web sites.

In addition, Monarch Search provides an option to notify you when Web page(s) change, when a new keyword is added, or when the context of a keyword changes. Monarch Search keeps you up to date with what's new on sites you're interested in and saves you countless browsing hours. Monarch Search can notify you when changes are found via E-mail, SMS, IM or an Alert on your desktop. Visit: for a free 30 day evaluation copy.

With Monarch Search you may create a scheduled search task. A search can be set up to compare files, locate and download pictures, movies, computer programs, sounds, music, and more. Monarch Search also creates site maps in a tree-like view. You can save search results and complete sites. Monarch Search allows you to select your browser to view search results. Monarch Search includes a search creation Wizard, Search History Manager, and Search Schedule Manager. There are many more features to manage connectivity, search level and limits of searching.

"FirstStop WebSearch LLC has earned a reputation of focusing on simplicity of design for ease of use, combined with a steadfast position on excluding frivolous features. This is evident in Monarch Search and will surely allow it to follow its elder search software brother, FirstStop WebSearch, in evolving into an Internet monitoring software for everyone from home users to competitive intelligence researchers. Integration of complementary features for Monarch Search and FirstStop WebSearch are now in development and will provide a broader search strategy for our customers," says Michael Salucci, President of FirstStop Web Search LLC.

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