The Internet Pixel Advertising Revolution Continues......

From: A Million Little Pieces
Published: Mon Nov 14 2005

Internet advertising has recently been revolutionised by the pixel homepage - an E-billboard homepage where advertisers purchase advertising space by the pixel. They can then display a logo in the space purchased which acts as a link to their website - the aim is to generate a substantial increase in web traffic in the hope that this translates into sales revenue. Such sites provide a simple mechanism which allows advertisers to take advantage of the internet as an ever growing advertising medium. They utilise the fact that new and interesting sites are passed onto friends/work colleagues extremely quickly and hence harness the internet as a viral marketing tool.

As this advertising trend takes hold and more and more websites emerge it is becoming increasingly hard for new E-Billboard homepages to establish themselves within the marketplace. It is also extremely hard for potential advertisers to understand which homepages are likely to get results especially when they could be made by practically anyone.

To differentiate themselves from other less focused pixel advertising homepages A Million Little Pieces ( recognises that potential consumers must have clear motivation to visit an E-Billboard website, otherwise the essential delivery of high click through rates will not be achieved. To encourage this A Million Little Pieces utilises it's staff's experience in both media planning and media analysis (gained both at a very reputable, very large broadcaster and a large Media Auditing Consultancy) to execute carefully planned promotional campaigns such as viral emails (one floating around the web at the moment features a joke tease and reveal campaign,) and ebay based marketing campaigns to specifically target an audience of affluent young adults - a notoriously hard audience to reach with conventional Media (TV, Press and Radio.) Using this strategy staff at A Million Little Pieces firmly believe they can deliver a great ROI for anyone advertising on the site.

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