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From: Barry Stein
Published: Tue Mar 22 2005

Anyone who has ever struggled through trial and error SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaigns, wondering how to move their Web site from nonexistent to the top ten on major search engines like Google, will be amazed and astounded at this new product released from SEO Elite. This product delivers what it promises and more.

Scores of happy customers have reported outrageous success by using SEO Elite, many within less than thirty days. Webmasters who have had their Web sites up and running for years have been astounded with the results they received when they implemented this tool as part of their search engine optimization program.
SEO Elite has received enormous praise from professional search engine optimization consultants. SEO experts can’t say enough about this amazing new software package.

Aaron Wall, professional SEO, had this to say about this amazing new product, "I have reviewed tons of software and have yet to find another link analysis tool with as many features as SEO Elite…"

"…you must have SEO Elite or you will be at a distinct disadvantage to those who do," advises Brad Fallon, creator of Stomping the Search Engine.

SEO Elite saves new and veteran webmasters alike significant time with the vast assortment of tools included in the software. Upon installation users can immediately begin monitoring their linking campaigns to find out where any of their links have been removed, as well as discovering high ranking competitor’s pages and exactly what those competitors are doing to garner such success.

Just the report tools alone are well worth the moderate price of this amazing software package. SEO Elite easily and quickly categorizes where websites are ranked for any keyword or keyword string based on all the major search engines.

Regardless of whether a webmaster wants to find their data on a daily, weekly or monthly basis; it’s available at the tip of their fingers. This allows users to not only snag top search engine rankings, but stay on top of their Web sites to keep those number one positions.

Perhaps even more amazing is the fact that this software gives users the tools to move their Web sites to the top without spending another penny on SEO techniques.

SEO Elite is completely ethical as well, offering nothing but legitimate tips and tools that are guaranteed to help anyone move their Web sites to the top in a matter of days.

This software package will even help users locate and remove any partner linked Web sites that have been penalized for illegal practices, ensuring that the innocent webmaster don’t get swept along in a tide of illegal and unethical procedures.

The back link tool saves untold hours of research by locating and reporting literally thousands of related link partners in mere seconds. These are not junk links either; they are quality, relevant links that would have otherwise consumed vast amounts of valuable time to pinpoint.

SEO Elite is easy to use and learn, delivers record fast results and is designed for use with Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, ME and 98. No other tool has ever made it so easy to achieve top search engine rankings in such little time. Additional SEO Elite product information and specifications can be found at http://awebbiz.com/seoelite.html
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