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Published: Tue Nov 15 2005

The latest bird flu news is a critical first line of defense against bird flu for the ordinary person on the street according to the founder of the new website Pamela McDowell.

At present the bird flu virus is not spread easily from human to human but if it mutates to a human to human virus health authorities predict a bird flu pandemic which could kill anywhere from 200,000 to 150 million people.

With the potential for wild and domesticated birds to carry the deadly bird flu virus it's wise to know where the bird flu has spread says McDowell.

So far most bird flu cases have been reported on a migration route between Asia and Australia.

Countries inside the high bird flu danger zones include Asia and nearly the whole of Europe.

With bird flu cases suspected in birds in Canada, Northern American countries are also on high alert.

The possibility of seeing cases of the bird flu in the United States very soon is, unfortunately, very high.

But McDowell says keeping informed with the new latest bird flu news site is not just limited to the spread of the virus.

Latest bird flu news has revealed that the anti-viral drug Tamiflu may not be as effective as health authorities would hope.

With countries like the United States stockpiling Tamiflu as a first line of pharmaceutical bird flu protection the latest news that the H5N1 bird flu virus is showing up to 70% resistance to this drug is alarming to say the least.

Latest bird flu news suggests other anti-viral drugs like Relenza seem to be more effective for bird flu prevention.

Latest bird flu news revealed an effective bird flu vaccine can't be developed until the avian influenza virus mutates to a human to human virus.

Worse still even if a vaccine was available effectively administering a bird flu vaccine to a large population like the United States would be almost impossible.

And wide scale production of a bird flu vaccine would also be a logistical nightmare.

Latest bird flu news explains how health authorities across the world recommend a more sane, natural approach to bird flu prevention.

Every health authority in the western world recommends hand washing as a basic precaution against the bird flu and other respiratory viruses.

Over 90% of respiratory viruses including the bird flu enter our bodies through contact between our fingernails and the mucous membranes of our eyes and nose.

So effective hand washing and other hygiene measures are probably the most practical advice for people concerned about bird flu prevention.

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