Uncover the Exploited Rules of the Game in Checkmate: The Games Men Play by Mark D. Crutcher

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Published: Tue Nov 15 2005

Have you ever imagined how life would be if women possessed a Geiger counter, or some device, for men that would generate a warning signal whenever a "player" was approaching? Unfortunately, there is no such device. But Mark Crutcher, in his Essence Magazine best-selling book, CHECKMATE: THE GAMES MEN PLAY (Literally Speaking Publishing; July 2005; ISBN 1929642504; $19.95 hardcover) tries to empower women by giving them something much more - first-hand knowledge about the games, tricks, and techniques men use to capture their hearts, souls, minds, and bodies when they have no intentions of being in a committed relationship.

On August 18, 2001 at 3:30 pm, Mark Crutcher, a reformed player, who finally found the woman of his dreams, stood at the alter waiting for a bride that never showed up. The humiliation and pain of that day is what finally led him to understand exactly what women go through when they are hurt by the callous and deliberate actions of players.

Without a doubt, this book is a wide angle view at how men have mastered the art of seduction when it comes to playing women. As a way to vindicate his past actions, Mark has fashioned himself as somewhat of a human alarm system in this book to give readers, women in particular, an uncensored, undiluted, and at times an unnerving analysis, of a player. He does this in hopes that it helps women to regain control of the relationship game and develop a strategic defense that will help them recapture a sense of self-preservation and self-esteem.
What folks are saying about, CHECKMATE . . . .

"Checkmate has readers shifting their rooks and pawns over to the next page with bated breath . . ." -- Debra Blair, The Elite News

"On behalf of women, I applaud Mr. Crutcher for this heads up . . . for you have shared an inside view of a player’s mind which are some valuable trade secrets." -- aNN Brown, TheGRITS.com

"I truly appreciate the author's candor and his ability to express in words, what a lot of men are all about." -- Annette Stroud, Publisher

Mark Crutcher is available for online interviews, book discussion conference calls, book club meetings and literary conferences. For more information, please visit him online at www.checkmatethebook.com or email him directly at mark@mrcheckmate.com

Professionally, Mark Crutcher has been an executive for the past eight years in the field of human resources for Fortune 500 companies, directing their recruiting efforts, before pursuing a writing career. Born in Memphis, TN, he currently resides in Desoto, TX.
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