Bodegas Protos, the only Ribera del Duero winery awarded the Gran Oro medal in the Premios Magnum 20

From: Bodegas Protos
Published: Tue Dec 13 2011

The Gran Oro medal represents the highest distinction among the already prestigious Premios MAGNUMs- prizes well recognized in the winemaking world. This is a unique wine competition that judges and highlights wines in the double format. All the "MAGNUMS" currently enjoy undeniable prestige in the wine world and have become the starting point for all true wine lovers.

The Premios MAGNUM prizes were designed to meet different objectives:

• Recognise a choice of different formats according to the needs of potential clients, an added value that provides many advantages for the wine and the enjoyment of it. BODEGAS PROTOS uses several different formats, like its Crianza wine Magnum, with a capacity of 1.5 L, and the 0.5 L bottle, ideal for individuals or couples.

• Development of a good communication network with potential consumers. It is fundamental for good business operation to let both commerce and consumers know of the presence of these formats, offered by many brands, as in the case of BODEGAS PROTOS.

• Expand the culture of oenology to the worldwide level. BODEGAS PROTOS, since its establishment in 1927, has made notable contributions to the diffusion of the culture of wine (and its responsible consumption), which contains so many health benefits and opportunities for personal enjoyment. Nowadays it is a pioneering winery in Marketing 2.0 and it is the winery most valued by users on the national level within Social Networks.

• Favour the wine market through the development of a communication campaign highlighting the magnum format and thereby stimulate its presence in all distribution areas.

• Maintain the commitment to the Wine Circuit, to contribute to the knowledge and enjoyment of wines on behalf of enthusiasts.

• Reunite prestigious wine tasters and enthusiasts from Spain with the aim of fostering professional relationships and, where appropriate, make suggestions of any nature to organizations in their sectors.

This is yet another test passed by BODEGAS PROTOS, which meets perfectly all the conditions of prizes such as the Premios MAGNUM.


PROTOS, from the Greek word "first", is a hundred-year-old winery that has remained loyal to its motto BE FIRST since 1927. This attitude of constant improvement, with the sole premise of quality above all, both day-to-day and in the whole winemaking process, has made the brand a high value icon in international markets, with commercialization in more than 87 countries on six continents. Thanks to its new facilities designed by the prestigious architect and Priztker Prize winner Sir Richard Rogers, it is situated once more at the cutting edge of the winemaking and wine tourism scene in Ribera del Duero.
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