United Virtualities to Distribute Ad Unit That Records PC-Originated VoIP Calls

From: United Virtualities
Published: Tue Mar 22 2005

United Virtualities, the leading innovator of creative marketing and technology solutions for the digital marketplace, today announces it will start commercialising ‘HotRecorder’: an online advertising unit that doubles as a recorder of Skype and other PC-originated VoIP conversations. Once downloaded, HotRecorder will launch every time users access their VoIP programme. Users will see an ad message within a dialogue window, and have access to tools to record, store, search, send via email or play back their conversations and conference calls. The unit also features "emotisounds" that enable users of HotRecorder to add humorous sounds to their conversations.

"We are rapidly moving into an era of consumer control over when and how they see commercial messages," says Mookie Tenembaum, founder and CEO of United Virtualities. "HotRecorder rewards the user’s time spent exposed to the ad message with helpful tools they might not otherwise have. This product has countless uses, from sending voice greetings, to keeping accurate records of conversations and conferences. It could be especially useful for corporate customer support training purposes, in addition to helping companies to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. It’s like being able to produce an audio presentation on the fly."

There will be no cost to users to download an advertising-supported version of HotRecorder. A premium paid version of the recorder, without ad messages, will also be made available. The next version of HotRecorder could be used separately from VoIP to record any kind of audio files.

VoIP’s popularity has exploded. In the 18 months since Skype launched its product, the company claims 74 million downloads. The company is currently signing up about 60,000 new registered users every day

Editor’s notes

About United Virtualities
United Virtualities is the leading provider of innovative, advanced online advertising technology for marketers, their ad agencies and web publishers. It offers a variety of rich media platforms that are user-friendly and require no downloads to launch and play. Organisations around the world use United Virtualities' rich-media technologies, enabling them to leverage dynamic, vibrant web creative in the most distinctive ways imaginable.

United Virtualities is best known as the originator of beyond-the-banner advertising with ShoshkeleTM, one of the most successful rich-media platforms in the industry. UV continues to re-invest heavily in R&D to create and rapidly deploy new online marketing solutions that anticipate and exceed clients’ requirements. The company devotes 20% of its entire workforce to Quality Assurance in the process of providing the best customer service in the online advertising industry.



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