Procession accuses Microsoft of illegally trying to patent its business software

From: Procession
Published: Tue Jan 15 2008

With research showing that some 70 per cent of an organisation’s IT budget is spent on merely maintaining existing systems, Procession plc – a developer of people/ task driven and goal directed software – believes that the IT industry is failing to deliver on some business’ basic needs, such as the ability to change applications when required. In a new whitepaper, ‘Simplify IT, More For Less’, Procession argues that the status quo complexity perpetuates the division between the IT function and the rest of the business world – and, at present, there is little incentive for vendors to close that gap.

From the first version of its current software, in 1996, Procession has supported the view that people are the source of all information that makes any business," explained Procession’s CEO, David Chassels.

"Systems are there to manipulate information and support people in their daily tasks. With many years of research Procession has been able to identify less that 13 task types - human and system based - that address any business requirement.

"Our approach has been to code these task types once and store this in a database to be used and reused as required," Chassels added.

"Moreover, Procession recognised that the user interface had to be embedded into the core offering to enable the correct information to be presented to the right person when required. It is these core design philosophies that Microsoft is trying to patent over ten years after our original development," he said.

"While it is nice to have validation of our approach from a global player, it is of concern that Microsoft thinks it can copy ideas and try to patent them as its own.

"Over the past nine month, I have tried to resolve this in an adult fashion but, regrettably, Microsoft has not reciprocated," Chassels stated. "We have written directly to Microsoft’s Chairman, Bill Gates, raising some serious issues but he has failed to even be courteous enough to reply.

"We are a small innovative company that has been ten years ahead of its time. Only this week, we have had to appoint Washington-based lawyers to communicate with Microsoft’s lawyers to point out the error of their ways, with supporting evidence."

Chassels explained that, in the UK, software cannot be patented but Procession’s prior art is well established. He went on to state: "It defies credulity that Microsoft was unaware of Procession.

"Indeed, this raises some serious issues for Microsoft. I feel that they should do the right thing, play fair and withdraw these patent applications".

Somewhat tongue in cheek, Chassels added: "And an apology from the Chairman would be nice! "

According to Procession’s whitepaper, its approach closes the gap between IT and business, allows projects to be highly business focused, delivered quickly with tangible results and with flexibility to change when required. Procession claims that this puts future application development, led by business knowledge, into the hands of business professionals with IT in support.


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About Procession
Procession is a UK-based and owned company that has developed original and innovative software in Task Orientated Applications (TOA). This TOA approach represents a dynamic alternative to pre-built and/or custom hard-coded applications. The unique approach recognises that there are less than 13 task types in any business activity. To aid simplicity the build is all fronted by a graphical model/designer allowing both set up of the data design and build by simple drop and drag and opening up task objects to allow configuration as required. The joining up of the task types is achieved through task links. This represents a paradigm shift in Business Software Development that many are visioning but not yet delivering.

Procession has created a Unified Framework that delivers dynamic applications as required by business in their language. It is entirely function independent and can therefore be deployed in any business environment and can allow business analysts to build both simple or complex applications with IT in support.

In the words of market analysts the Butler Group, Procession's unique, user-friendly technology "removes the disconnect between requirement and implementation." These TOA systems can be added to or modified easily, giving unrivalled ‘agility’. They can also provide management information in real-time to support dynamic Performance Management with guaranteed compliance, as required.

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