Fax marketing is not dead: 80% of UK fax marketers to increase/maintain activity for 2006

From: Adestra
Published: Thu Nov 17 2005

The Adestra Fax Marketing Benchmarking study is the UK’s first research project investigating the use of fax marketing in the UK. The research considered over 65 direct marketers and resulted in some interesting findings:

* 96% of all active fax marketers target B2B prospects
Of existing fax marketers, 4 in 5 plan for their usage to increase or remain constant in 2006, and for those that have stopped using fax, they intend never to use it again

* The adoption of email is the main reason fax marketing is declining, yet usage is stable within key B2B sectors- event organising, publishing, car leasing, manufacturing and professional services industry

* 81% of participants use their fax marketing to sell off the page or to drive leads to a sales team

* 4 out of 10 participants believe that better quality data would improve their fax marketing’s effectiveness. 86% believe they can measure their fax marketing effectiveness

* Response rates to fax marketing varied between 0.01% and 0.1% based upon list and offer

In addition 68% of those surveyed believed a source of useful industry research on fax marketing would enable them to improve their fax marketing.

Adestra’s Marketing Director Paul Crabtree comments: "The fax medium is not dead–it is used as an effective B2B marketing tool in many sectors managing large databases, as part of an overall direct marketing strategy. Despite email marketing growing almost exponentially, faxing is a long way from the grave: principally through its low cost, ease of broadcasting and the high penetration of office fax machines."

For a full copy of the findings, please contact Paul Crabtree on paul.crabtree@adestra.com

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