How the Great Pyramid Was Built - Finally Revealed

From: Pendulum Publishing
Published: Thu Nov 17 2005

In a new book, The Golden Thread of Time, Crichton Miller unravels the mystery with the artefacts that were themselves discovered in the pyramid by Waynman Dixon. For over 100 years these artefacts have remained a mystery to academics, but expert navigator and historian Crichton Miller has managed to piece together the puzzle for all to see.

You see, using his unique insight in navigation, Miller was able to work out that the fragments from the pyramid were in actual fact part of an incredible measuring device - used and hidden by the ancient Egyptian priesthood to locate, measure and build structures such as the Great Pyramid. It turned out, following years of painstaking work, that the artefact would have looked exactly like the familiar Celtic Cross - a cross with a circle.

Miller was so confident that this re-discovered device would work that he proved it by applying for not one, but two patents and was awarded both. He now has certified backing for his discovery and the answers to some of the most enigmatic mysteries of mankind. Incredibly though, Miller also discovered this device within the pages of history and pre-history around the world - not just Egypt. It seems the knowledge of this amazing device - which can incredibly be used for nautical navigation - spread across the known world and left it's imprint along the way. Crichton Miller then, makes the case that this device was then lost from our grasp, only to be re-discovered in the 21st century.

The book is a fascinating tale of an ancient discovery, which far outweighs the finds of Tutankhamen or the Inca kingdoms. This device is now proven to be the only device in existence which can locate us in time and space, without the use of any power or magnetism - all it requires is the knowledge - the same knowledge our nautical ancestors must have had to traverse the globe.

In short, this is the answer to how modern civilisation came into existence.


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